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Plans Moving Forward for New Development Downtown Batavia

by Capital Asset Group, Inc.

On August 1st the Batavia City Council set forth action on a development plan for the downtown area. Known as One Washington Place, the development will cover a city block and include apartments, retail spaces, and parking.

The building is planned to take up the space along East Wilson Street, Washington Street, and River Street. Several city owned businesses will be demolished in the process to make way for the site. The 2.25 acre site will house 300 parking spots, 171 apartments, and 14,645 square feet of retail space. The structure will be six levels above and below the street level.

The cost of the project will be $40 million dollars. It is being headed by Geneva based developer Shodeen Construction, who will invest $30 million dollars towards the project.

A Tax Increment Financing district (TIF) will be created to help cover some of the costs. This statewide incentive for development covers expenses related to public improvements, such as engineering, demolition, public utilities, and more. The proceeds from the district allow the city to repay debt that is incurred during the construction of the space.

One Washington Place is a truly exciting new development for downtown Batavia and will surely help initiate further economic growth in the area. We look forward to seeing more plans for the project as it proceeds.

Real Estate Health in the Fox Valley!

by Capital Asset Group, Inc.


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Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2